Booster Club

Mission Statement:

Braswell Baseball Booster Club is organized for charitable and educational purposes.  This organization shall operate as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization exclusively for the support of the Braswell High School baseball program. Accordingly, the Booster Club will strive:

  1. To stimulate and sustain an enthusiastic interest among parents, baseball players, the student body, and members of the community in the Braswell High School football program.
  2. To lend all possible support, financial and non financial, to the activities of the Braswell High School baseball program within the guidelines specified by the Denton Independent School District, the Denton Independent School District Athletic Program, the Braswell High School football coaching staff and University Interscholastic League (“UIL”).
  3. To cooperatively participate with the Braswell High School Athletic Director, Braswell High School Head Baseball Coach or designated coaching staff member(s) in activities designed or conducted to promote the Braswell High School baseball program.
  4. Booster Club purpose does not include the operations of the baseball program, such as playing time, schedules, and practice times. These items needs to be addressed with the Baseball Coaches.

UIL Booster Club Guidelines

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